Youtube Mate – Tubemate for Android

As of today people are using smart phones than laptops. People are with internet. We used to watch videos, movies, TV Shows and listen to music. We watch millions of videos online and want to keep some of them. When you want to keep videos you like you, you are not able to download them. Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and many other sites does not allow us to download videos. But when browsing videos using a  PC we can download videos, as you know there are lots of plugins that allow video download from any site from PC. But with Android. How to download videos.

Tubemate or Youtube Mate is the solution first came to Android for Video downloading. You can download any video using selected video quality. See how cool is this app. Tubemate is the first app designed for Android to download Youtube Videos. Today this app can download literally any videos. For example it can easily download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and other major popular sites. All those things are free.

Remember there is no Tubemate Pro version or paid version. Tubemate is developed by Devian Studios and they never made pro or paid app. This app is completely free and never pay to download it. Because there are lot’s of third party persons who tries to take advantage of you.

Devian studios release a major app release at the end of year 2017. That is called Tubemate 3. Tubemate 3 has whole new logo. It has new user interface. New interface is more user friendly and easy to use. It has more features added. Now you can browse videos as you are using a Web browser. No more lagging or browsing only one site.

Why are you waiting. You can download that app for free. Click below link for official Tubemate download page.

Download Tubemate app

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