Best free and long Lasting Entertaining Video Apps – 2019

There are lots of Android TV or internet TV apps like Terrarium, Morpheus TV, Kodi, AppFlix and more. Today I will checkout some new and long lasting Android apps. Many TV apps or Video app does not have clear developer or official website to trust those apps or not. So I will pickup apps that I can trust. This is not based on popularity. Because popularity does not guarantee safety.



Watching all Movies on your Android device for free. There are lots of Movie apps that can watch Movies for free. Among them AppFlix is not too good. But is good for watching free movies. Contain new and old Movies. Using this app you can find any movie you like. Contain many sources including dubbed and subbed movies. So there are lots of options you can choose per Movie. Not only Movies you watch TV shows or TV series with this app. AppFlix become more and more popular day by day passing SeriesDroid app. Click here to download latest version of AppFlix Apk that can watch Movies and TV shows. AppFlix Premium

AnimeDroid S2


AnimeDroid is also a video app that offers Animes all around the world. Mostly animes are belong to Asian Countries like Japan, China, Korea and etc. If you are a Anime lover you can watch any Anime Movie or Anime Series you like for free using AnimeDroid app. AnimeDroid is for Android only. If you find any other version of AnimeDroid then it is fake and prevent installing those apps because you may ended up installing virus. AnimeDroid S2 is the latest version of AnimeDroid app.

Instagram TV


All above Entertaining Android apps have longer videos or movies. What if you want something to chilld your day end or to watch something when you eat, exercise or enjoying a nice coffee. Then IGTV or Instagram TV is for you. No more short 1 minute videos. Using Instagram TV app you can enjoy longer Instagram videos from your favorite creators. You can download latest version of IGTV for free and enjoy vertical videos.


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